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Tip – “Silk Road Cafe” – Best Tourist Food in Dublin is at Chester Beatty Library

The Chester Beatty Library behind Dublin Castle is a superb Art Museum and Library which displays the treasures collected all around the world by Chester Beatty (1875 – 1968). It is not to be missed on any trip to Dublin and admission is free.

From 21 October 2016 until 29 January 2017 the Library will host an exhibition ‘ Hong Kong: A Retrospective‘ featuring the Chinese landscape painting of Hong Ling (洪凌). Many in Ireland will not yet be familiar with this work. However expert opinion is that this artist has made a contribution to the world of Chinese landscape painting unparalleled in its vibrancy. dsc00051

Much has been written about the Library but today we are briefly advising our blog-readers to go there ‘hungry’.

This is because our TIP OF THE MONTH is that our recent research has found that the ground floor Silk Road Cafe offers a delicious choice of food. Standards are really high and the owners operate a Cookery School in addition to the cafe. There is a tranquil ambiance but the self-service arrangement is great for people who would like to eat well while on a busy touring schedule. We will let our candid-camera photograph above do all the talking. We snapped this while on a visit in September 2016. The Silk Road Café food is based on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and reflects some of the exhibits represented in the Chester Beatty Library. Also the cafe offers celiac friendly dishes.


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