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St Valentine – visit his Reliquary here in Dublin

St Valentine’s Day is gradually becoming a big event on the Dublin Calendar. At Halfpenny Bridge Holiday Homes we already have our first 2019 Bookings for that special day of romance and love – February 14th. Dublin is a great place to bring your loved one for a celebration. There is an amazing Winter buzz in the city and the great selection of restaurants, theatre and music venues.

But there is another reason. The spiritual and more romantic visitors will want to explore a unique opportunity to celebrate their love. In Dublin you can visit the remains of St Valentine.


Increasingly people are becoming aware that St Valentine’s remains are interred in a special Reliquary in the city centre. In 1835 an Irish Carmelite priest, Dr John Spratt, was visiting Rome. He was well know in Ireland for his skill as a preacher but also for his great devotion to the poor of the Liberties area of Dublin. He had also recently been responsible for the building of a new church to Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Whitefriar Street.¬† While in Rome his preaching became highly regarded and thousands of people came to hear him speak. He received many tokens of esteem and one of those was from Pope Gregory XVI. The pontiff suggested that a Reliquary of the remains of St Valentine should be sent to Ireland.

On November 10th, 1836 the Reliquary containing the remains arrived in Dublin and was brought through the streets in solemn procession. However St Valentine was not a very well know saint at the time in Ireland and it was not until the 1950’s that the life story of St Valentine became of significant public interest. St Valentine’s remains had been kept in quiet storage for over 100 years. As public interest in St Valentine grew it was decided to build a humble altar in the church with the Reliquary on display. In addition a new statue was carved by Irene Broe depicting the saint¬† in the red vestments of a martyr and holding a crocus in his hands.

For a unique spiritual and romantic Dublin experience spend some time in quiet meditation in the historic and beautiful Whitefriar Street church. The church continues to be a place of devotion, prayer and quiet reflection.

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