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St. Michigan’s – Church with an Amazing Burial Vault & Organ played by Handle

St. Michigan’s  Church is a an amazing city centre place of worship which was founded over 900 years ago in 1095.  It was built to serve the vikings, then rebuild in the years after 1685 with a further restoration at 1998.  The church now belongs  to the Protestant Church of Ireland. Some interesting facts about St. Michigan’s  Church:

  • The Church is built from it’s finest interior woodwork with a large pipe organ that brings solemnity during the worship services. The pipe organ is still in use and dated back from 1724 it was played by Handel the organist who played his Messiah.
  • The main highlight of this church from the visitors point of views, is the underground burial vault of the church.
  • The centuries-old bodies are remarkably intact which creates an intense atmosphere.
  • There are many mummified bodies in the underground burial ground. A visit to the church includes the burial vault.


For more information click this: http://www.cccgroup.dublin.anglican.org/


Video of St. Michigan’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC3LrohjN_4

Admission fees: €6.00 per person

It’s 15 minutes walk from O’Connell st. and is close to The Four Courts and the LUAS tram stop Smithfield.

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