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Riverdance back for Summer 2018 in Gaiety Theater – Opens 12 June

Riverdance is coming back for its summer 2018 run in Dublin. It opens on 12 June and runs until 9 September, 2018.  I assure you it is a night to remember, as was last year’s performance when the Halfpenny Bridge Holiday Homes staff decided to go to the Riverdance showcase at The Gaiety. For me, 20 years had passed since I attended the original show. I was worried that I would be disappointed and that the show might have suffered with the passage of time. Could the new dancers live up to the agility of the original cast?

It turned out to be a fantastic night out. The 2017 show at the Gaiety had many enhancements, yet is true to the original. We saw a performance that was bursting with energetic dance, state of the art high-tech graphics mixed with haunting vocals and high-fidelity traditional Irish music. You are kept on the edge of your seat through dexterous and seamless changes of performer and scene.

With superb lighting and wonderful sound it is easy to see how this show continues to break box office records. So be sure to get your tickets before they’re all gone. The house was totally full last year. My staff decided that we would advise our visitors that this is one of the best things to do on a holiday in Dublin. Even if you are not a dance enthusiast the sheer variety and speed of the action on stage is a joy to watch. For the Irish, who grew up with a 20 year diet of Riverdance, I strongly suggest that 2018 show has a good chance of re-igniting your passion. Treat your visitors from abroad to a night out. Delight them with the total professionalism of this performance.  

If you are coming to Dublin we have excellent apartments within a short walk of the Gaiety Theatre. You can book our apartments on this web site. There is a great selection – see them along the right hand margin of this Blog.

Liam Clancy, CEO, Halfpenny Bridge Holiday Homes




  1. Hi Liam and Willie, On your recommendation we went to the show in the lovely Gaiety Theatre.

    We agree that its a great night out and the dancing was superb. One of the highlights of our visit.

    John and Mildred
    East London

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