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Open Air Art Gallery at Merrion Square every Sunday

In the heart of Dublin city center find yourself lost in the colour and beauty of Merrion Square’s Open Air Art Gallery. This event has been taking place every Sunday since 1985 on one of Ireland’s oldest and most well kept Georgian squares. These artists, most of which are full time professionals, gather around 10am until late afternoon. The enthusiasm is evident as artists converse with visitors and sell their original pieces. It is a tranquil setting surrounded by 18th century houses which were once home to famous characters such as Oscar Wilde and William Butler Yeats. It really is a beautiful spot to roam around on a sunny afternoon while visiting Dublin.

Artistic styles range drastically from modern contemporary to traditional. It is a charming affair and so unusual to find in the middle of a busy  metropolitan city such as Dublin. We would highly recommend it as a perfect place to take a stroll and maybe even buy an original artwork or commission a piece, with most artists offering worldwide shipping.








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