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Counting down to Christmas 2018 in Dublin

There is nowhere in the world more full of energy than Dublin at Christmas. Once the city Christmas lights are switched on the increase in vibrancy is visible everywhere. The shopping began early this year, sparked by the arrival to Ireland of an event called Black Friday. This idea came from the US with shops selling much of their stock at reduced prices. Of course we in Ireland love picking up bad habits from abroad and the city was mobbed with bargain hunters. Shop sales seem to be well up on previous years if the massive crowds seen today on Henry Street and Grafton Street are anything to go by. The city is also packed with visitors from abroad and the tourism season seems not to have ended.  Hotels and Apartments are reporting a steady trade and today all of our apartments are full.

Shopping Tips!!!–> Click this: http://dublinatchristmas.ie/christmas/dublintowns-shop-and-drop-service-for-christmas


Recommendation where to eat! this site will give you at least 30 places in Dublin city centre (sound amazing?) plus click this link for Dine in Dublin voucher this you can enjoy the authentic food in Dublin and still saving your pocket money!!! http://dineindublin.ie/dine-in-dublin-gift-vouchers

For a Trip down “memory lane” I have included here a link to that classic Guinness Christmas advert. There will be many family re-unions and I guess that a lot of the catching up will take place in the local pubs washed down with the traditional pint of Guinness. Happy Christmas everyone.

For more Christmas information visit this site: http://dublinatchristmas.ie



  1. Where can I go to hear carol singing? I am looking for a church that will have a top Christmas choir. I want to bring my Christmas visitors there.

    John G.

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