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Christ Church Cathedral- Amazing Stories that are worth telling!

“Wanting to Escaping from your usual environment?” and thinking of increasing your travel personality as an intellectual traveler?… Your definitely in the right spot!!!. Its about time to leave your current spot and must-see the magnificent cultural heritage of Dublin.


Christ Church Cathedral is situated in the former heart of medieval Dublin. The Cathedral church was built 1030 and founded by King Sitric Silkenbeard the former Norse king of Dublin. From its foundation the cathedral church remain as spiritual heart of Dublin. The arrival of Anglo-Normans in the 1170s, it has altered both the culture and fabric institution until Archbishop John Cumin was appointed in 1182. This is when new trends emerged which was influence by the Englishmen, they rebuild the quire and transepts of the church including a famous historic Romanesque carving and some Gothic design. The Church went through  a lot of expansions and renovations over the years but also reach some lost of its capitalization and manage to be well developed at this time, it is very interesting for tourist to must-see it and experience the life in the past.                                                                                                                                                                                  images

The remarkable coronation of Lamberg Simbo was celebrated in the  cathedral the fact that he was a 10 years old, who claimed the throne of England but his reign lasted only for a month. This is an interesting story for a very young ruler. The collection of holy relics from the 15 century  is to attract such pilgrims but they have not survived.

The tomb of Strongbow is where they swear the oath to conclude business agreement. As well, the interesting facts about the “side by side commerce” in the largest crypt in the cathedral  was a centralize trade of alcohol and tobacco. An execution was conducted during the medieval time for those who committed crime and the day tour you will see the remain of all collections along with the object that was used for the execution. The impressive stained glass window is vibrant and an interesting mummified cat and rat was also found from images-cat-and-ratthe tube during the medieval time and it is now added as collection and all of these is located under the cathedral large medieval crypt and a beautiful Anglican Fashion will also be seen in here.

It may seem that everything is covered in this blog but trust me it is not even half of it done, so its highly recommended to visit this cultural heritage and experience the life of the past, its a guarantee that you will find it very interesting.

There are events up coming for this month, “Place an angel in the Christmas tree!” scribbled your name or name of a loved one on the Christmas season. http://www.christchurchtickets.com/events1/place-an-angel-on-our-christmas-tree-inscribed-with-your-name-or-that-of-a-loved-one/.

A night of muchoir-june-16-mjsic and song by the Garda Siochana Band & Ladies Choir on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 http://www.christchurchtickets.com/events1/on-the-beat-a-night-of-music-song-by-the-garda-siochana-band-ladies-choir/.



For more information visit this site: http://christchurchcathedral.ie

How to get there? that’s not a problem click on this: http://christchurchcathedral.ie/visit-us/getting-there/ (its also walking distance).

Admission fees: http://christchurchcathedral.ie/visit-us/purchase-tickets/

Enjoy the tour!.

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